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Some useful docker commands

Since docker is ready installed on the machine, when I want to run/build something, I just try to find a docker image and use it right away. So I collect some useful commands for my works, hope it’s also useful for yours.

The docker run command will create and run the container but I just want to run it once and remove it after run so I put the option --rm to the command. The container will be removed when it exits or when the daemon exits, whichever happens first.

The -it option is the combination of -i & -t for interactive process, so the command should have a same below pattern.

docker run -it --rm image:tag [command]


  • To run a node command, we can use node image with the command after that.
  • We have to mount the current folder (using environment variable $PWD) to the working dir as well as define the working dir that node will start on.
  • For example to run a single Node.js script
docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/app -w /app node node single-script.js

$PWD is a linux environment variable defines current folder that the command is running on.

  • To specify running node version is 8.
docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/app -w /app node:8 node single-script.js
  • Or to run npm install
docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/app -w /app node npm install

Angular CLI

  • To run a ng command, we can use trion/ng-cli image.
  • Since the image automatically sets the working dir to /app so we don’t need to define it but mounting the volumn as project folder to /app.
  • For example to run the create new angular application.
docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/app trion/ng-cli ng new website
  • And to generate a component
docker run -it --rm -v "$PWD":/app trion/ng-cli ng g c new-component


  • To run a mongo command, we can use mongo image.

Mongo 3.6

  • To generate a database backup with mongodump
docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/backup mongo:3.6 sh -c "mongodump --uri=mongodb://username:password@mongo_uri:27017/dbname --authenticationDatabase=admin --archive='/backup/dbname.archive'"

Mongo 4.2

  • To generate a database backup with mongodump
docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/backup mongo sh -c "mongodump --uri=mongodb://username:password@mongo_uri:27017/dbname --authenticationDatabase=admin --archive='/backup/dbname.archive'"
  • If the mongo server instance is running on localhost using docker-compose, get it’s network name with command
docker network ls
  • And use the network name in --net parameter
docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/backup --net network_name mongo sh -c "mongodump --uri=mongodb://username:password@mongo_container_name:27017/dbname --authenticationDatabase=admin --archive='/backup/dbname.archive'"
  • To restore that database backup file
docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/backup mongo sh -c "mongorestore --uri=mongodb://username:password@mongouri:27017/dbname --authenticationDatabase=admin --archive='/backup/dbname.archive'"
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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