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Azure DevOps - What I Have Done

In this post, I will list out all the questions of all the problems I have met when working with the Azure services. Most of them have been answered but some still haven’t yet.

The answers will be in every single next post (or not 🤦‍♂️)

Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS - Azure DevOps)

  1. Azure Develop - Build - Release life cycle.
  2. How to build only one project in a solution with nuget restore?
  3. How to automatically trigger a build for specific branch or specific project?
  4. How to prepare a DataFactory project in VS2017?
  5. How to build and release (deploy) a DataFactory project on VSTS?
  6. How to prepare an ARM template project in VS2017?
  7. How to build and release (deploy) an ARM template project on VSTS?
  8. How to get the outputs of an ARM template release and set to variable group for cross using in other releases?
  9. How to create a resource in another resource group with ARM template?
  10. How to get the Azure Functions key and put it to the outputs of ARM template deployment since the function key is only available after the application deployed?
  11. How to get the api-version for each azure resource in ARM template?
  12. How to get a custom hostname of an app service using ARM template?
  13. How to deploy my blog automatically via VSTS after committed to develop branch?

Azure Portal

  1. How to check the installed certificates in azure app service?
  2. How to get the right ARM template of an Azure resource?
  3. How to get the content of app.config or web.config in Azure portal?
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